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On November 22nd, 2020, I was riding bikes on a dirt trail with one of my friends when we spotted a large pile of junk that someone had dumped in the woods next to the trail. Much of it turned out to be computer equipment, which is the subject of this page.

The Antec case & motherboard.

This was the first thing we brought back home. There's no image of it sitting in the woods since I didn't have my phone or camera with me when I pulled it out.

The badly weathered motherboard.

Only the motherboard & case remained, so there's not much to do with it. Both parts had been totally destroyed by the weather, so it had probably been sitting a while. Despite being useless to me, I still have the mobo & case one year later.

Motherboard, but cleaned.

A more recent image with the board cleaned.

A pile of junk in the woods.

And here's the other pile. 2 Cyberpower Typhoon cases with nothing in them besides some SATA cables. They were badly beaten by the environment as well, and even though I'm a computer hoarder, I didn't bother to bring them back home. Instead, me & my friend smashed them both with a baseball bat & threw the remnants back in to the woods.

The cases that we dug out.

These cases are extremely ugly to me, and badly rusted, so I don't care about killing them.

Old floppy drive.

This was the only other computer related item we found. A Sony floppy drive from 2006, stuck inside a metal bay. It had also been rusted beyond repair, but I took it back home anyways. The pins on the connector were too bent to plug a cable in to test it, but I'm sure it was dead regardless. It's still somewhere in my garage.

Part of the trail where I found all of this stuff.

This is part of the trail near where the junk was. A very nice trail for being not very far from my house. Unfortunately, it's only accessible in the winter when all of the thick brush has died.

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