Presario SR5152NX's HDD Dies - Back to Home

Recently, I wanted to mess around with Presario SR5152NX, so I dug it out & booted it up. This is the machine with 6 different versions of Windows on a single HDD, which I documented here. Unfortunately, all of that work is now likely lost, as said HDD appears to have died a brutal death.

The Presario, after the HDD killed itself.

Immediately when I first booted it up, I heard the loudest "click of death" I've ever heard. You can find a video of it on the YouTube channel. The first time I booted the Presario, it just didn't boot at all. Every other time I've booted it since, it's gotten stuck at a Windows error checking screen. No matter if you try to skip the error scan or not, it freezes up every time.

The screen that the Presario gets stuck at now.

I booted into Hiren's Boot CD to run some health tests on the HDD, but much to my confusion, it came back error-free. Either HD Tune is lying, or it's broken in some other way that SMART data or error scans can't identify.

The HD Tune error scan.

I'll try fix the drive or recover the data at some point, but I don't have high hopes of it coming back to life. Sad to see it go, after everything it's been through.

The good news is that I have a huge computer project for this February, so I'll plenty of new, more exciting content for the site soon.

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